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About Us

AVYSoft is a Web based and Application Software Development Company expertised in providing excellent services to our clients globally and pioneering the software project and product development process, AVYSoft has continuously delivered quality software products to our clients through out the world.

Achievement in present business environments requires ability to immediate respond to the ever changing needs in  the market. Through the benefits of a close and uniquely personal relationship with each client, AVYSoft is able to leverage its expertise to help design and implement agile solutions that enable AVYSoft clients to optimize the productivity of their people, processes, and Technologies.

Cost, Quality, Sevice and Speed are the four pillars of our company. The ambition is to reach best mixture of all the four important factors of development process for the maximum benefit of clients. AVYSoft focuses on full life cycle of software projects and has developed Numerous Real Estate Portals, E-commerce /Web Application, Desktop Applications, Database Deployment, Flash animation, Graphic and logo design, and Search Engine Optimization for our clients. We are working on Internet Technologies and partner with Clients for customized software development and ongoing project maintenance needs, whether a personalized e-commerce solution or a scalable Internet portal, or database application.

AVYSoft is established development center in INDIA, with the latest software development tools and hardware infrastructure, and complete with a 24-hour power backup. We are equipped with seats and other services to meet the client's business process needs. Please visit our website contact us for more information.

About Outsourcing

What really differentiates AVYSoft is the ability to lead clients through a program that delivers substantial business results, rather than acting as a passive "order taker".

India is one of the most popular offshore outsourcing destinations, which offers high quality and cost effective solutions. The difference lies in the scalability of major Indian vendors, their strong focus on quality and their experience delivering a wide range of services. The major advantages of outsourcing are:

  • To exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle.
  • Benefits of Project Planning
  • A dedicated team is exclusively engaged in your project. They cannot be assigned to any other tasks.
  • Option to adjust team's business hours to your time zone.
  • To gain access to world-class software engineering skills.
  • Option of guiding one's own project
  • Total data security
  • Ownership of source code
  • Full monitoring of manpower
  • Client secrecy can be maintained
  • No duplication in conveying the project
  • Project requirement, no duplication
  • Direct monitoring on deliverables.
  • Immediate access to hi-end technology resources, infrastructure, broadband Internet and advanced methodology.


We recognize that a team approach is necessary in delivering a project that meets and exceeds client's expectations. He is not just a 'client'. But, becomes a part of the team so that he gets exactly what he wants, every time. To facilitate this team-oriented goal, we have a process that guarantees a smooth and successful execution of our projects.

Development Methodology

  1. Project Analysis and Preparation of Functional Specifications.
  2. After Approval of the Spec from Both sides will start the Database Design.
  3. Designing of Mockups (Home & Inner Pages)
  4. After Approval of Template will demonstrate the Project with HTML pages.
  5. Once demo is approved will start with Coding part.
  6. Beta release of the Project. Testing Phase.
  7. Alpha Release Project Live.

What we can do for you

We will provide you with the necessary infrastructure and manpower on a dedicated basis where in the staff work for you, under our supervision. We have named this process as "Dedicated Staff". The client will have to bear no additional costs to benefit from the outsourcing boom and will have no Hassles to set up an Office, Infrastructure, Employing HR, necessary Government Approvals, etc.

We have the complete Infrastructure in place which you could make use of without wasting any time or additional cost. We can provide you with a list of our clients as reference that we are already working for. We employ programmers on our payroll and take a fixed amount per month from our clients for their services. In this way the client need not to invest or risk even a single $ towards set up of Infrastructure, etc, and at the same time can benefit equally from the Outsourcing Boom by cutting costs by up to 50%.

So far, we have technical specialists, developers, designers, content writers, software architects, QA engineers, business analysts, and project managers that are, in fact, our potential employees. We are able to create teams according to your requirements (skills, experience, and number of employees) that can be managed either by you or by our managers.


AVYSoft vision is to be an international leader in providing high-value software solutions and to deliver the best in web services by thinking beyond tomorrow.


To enable AVYSoft Clients maximize their business success by exceeding their expectations for quality and professional excellence.

AVYSoft Values

  • Passion for Clients, for AVYSoft partners, and for technology.
  • Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.
  • Responsibility of all AVYSoft actions.
  • Maintaining transparency with producers, government, stakeholders, and staff; and Integrity, Trust, Respect, and Honesty, in all we do.
  • Always put AVYSoft clients' interests first, as they are of paramount importance to us.
  • To sustain a workplace based on creativity, stability, and trust.
  • Define AVYSoft success by our Clients' success.
  • Produce software that is reliable, maintainable, and extensible .
  • Embrace and conquer challenges .

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