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Website Marketing

Our online marketing - Website Promotion Services will bring more traffic to your site - highly qualified, targeted traffic that Generates Leads and Increases Your Sales month after month. You will see tangible Results within desired period along with best website promotion resource.

The single most important thing you can do to increase your traffic is to increase your search engine ranking. Your position on the first page of a search is absolutely critical to your success.

To come out from this type of problem Welcome2Solution is working and solving the problem of web promotion. Under the web promotion procedure we are spread out your web address in whole globe, we make blogs of your site and then we promote that blogs in the search engines, we also submit your web address link in thousands of search engines of globe. We also make articles of your website and we submit that articles in various search engines as a part of website promotion services. Through this way your web address will spread out at lacks of places. And after some time your site will be ranked in the search engines.

Website promotion services company specific search engine optimization services, website promotion services includes the following..

  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Keyword strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Website modifications
  • Link building
  • Manual Submissions to search engines and directories
  • Monthly ranking report
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Web Site Optimization
  • Ethical SEO Firm
  • On Page Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Heading Tag Optimization
  • Image Tag Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Link Building Services
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Article Writing & Submission
  • On Site Optimization
  • Ethical Search Engine Optimization
  • Organic SEO
  • SEO Glossary
  • Dynamic Site Optimization
  • Custom Embroidery / Screen printing
  • Identity Package
  • Company Promotional Items
  • 3D Modeling
  • Multimedia

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as Search Engine Placement or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a process of attaining a high ranking in search engines by changing the site's code to make it more search engine compatible. Search Engine Optimization is only starting to catch on in global as companies begin to recognize the importance of search engines as a cost-effective channel. SEO basically a plan implemented to increase a sites visibility. It mainly involves selecting keywords that will generate the targeted traffic, researching search engine policies and guidelines, and most importantly understanding the customer

It is critical for any company to take into consideration how well its Web site will rank in the most important search engines and directories. There are many various but deliberate measures that a company must undertake in order to maximize their web site’s potential for success in search engines and directories. These measures, which produce concrete results, comprise the very heart of search engine optimization. Many companies underestimate the importance of search engines and fail to understand the ranking process so they end up ignoring what may be the most crucial ingredient of Internet marketing strategy.

SEO Benefits:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased leads/sales
  • Wider target market-global market
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Dominate your competition/competitors

Search Engine Compatibility Review

Conducting detail analysis of your existing website's search engine compatibility in terms of HTML design, page extensions, link popularity, title and META tags, browser compatibility, link popularity, body text, ALT IMG tags, page load time, and dead links. We then provide a detailed report with recommendations based on your findings. We then work closely with you to ensure that we tailor our website optimization services to your exact needs.

Search Engine Compatible Web Design

If your existing website was designed without SEO in mind, we can re-design or revamp your existing website source code to suit the search engine's requirements. These would include modification of source code, removal of frames and flash, renaming of files and directories, as well as incorporating a sitemap, etc.

Keyword Research & Consultation

We undertake extensive keyword research to determine what people are typing into search engines to find products and services similar to yours. We also look at your competitor's sites to find search terms they are using. Using specialist software, we analyze the resulting search keywords and phrases for performance and determine how many other sites are competing for high ranking with the same terms. We then provide you with a list of search terms especially tailored for your site, in order of potential ranking performance on the various engines. Working closely with you, we revise and streamline the list to come up with four or five priority search terms for each page being optimized.

Search Engine Copywriting

One of the most crucial steps of any website optimization for search engines, this is when we take a look at your existing site copy and with your input, our professional copywriter makes changes to ensure it is both search engine compatible and viewer friendly. This can include additions of keywords and phrases to your existing body text, or the drafting of entirely new body text for various pages, to ensure ranking relevancy and content satisfying to both search engine and viewer.

Title & Meta Tags Development

At this stage we draft tailored TITLE and META tags for each being optimized, utilizing your prioritized search terms. The tags are they run through testing software to check for search engine effectiveness and ranking potential across a range of search engines.

Link Popularity Management

A highly recommended phase in the Search Engine Optimization process is a link building campaign to help improve your site's link popularity, an important factors in the ranking algorithms of many major search engines these days (particularly GOOGLE).

This Would Include

  • Researching and locating top sites in your niche market that are highly relevant to their target audience and have excellent linking potential
  • Working closely with you to select the most relevant sites to exchange links with.
  • Contacting and request reciprocal links from each of the target sites individually.

“This is a time-consuming process that must be done manually, one at a time. There are no shortcuts and no automated software is ever recommended. The goal is to establish a professional, search engine friendly and mutually beneficial relationship on your behalf with the right link partners for your business."

Organic Search Submission

We will submit all of the pages on that your are optimized to the most important search engines such as GOOLE, Yahoo, ALLTHEWEB, ALTAVISTA, ASK JEEEVES, Lycos and MSN. Professional search engine submissions will be made to engines and directories where your site is not already listed. Once your site has been submitted to search engines and directories, you must be patient! Keep in mind that search engines can take anywhere between one and 12 weeks to list your site, so you may not notice ranking improvements for a few weeks.

Paid Directory Submission

Apart from search engines, other important places that offer a web site submission services are search directories. The most important directory on the Internet to have your site listed in is undoubtedly, Yahoo! . Yahoo! Is still the most widely used search directory on the Internet, with an estimated 70% of the search market? Another popular search directory is LOOKSMART. While not as popular as Yahoo! LOOKSMART is somewhat important because their database feeds other major search engines and portals including MSN, IWON and ALTAVISTA

Unfortunately, if you run any type of commercial web site, there is no way to use the submission services of either of these directories except via their express search engine submission options. We strongly recommend you pay to submit your site to Yahoo! As part of your web site promotion campaign. It will pay for itself very quickly! As for LOOKSMART, well, they have changed into a pay per click model. Whether or not you submit your site to LOOKSMART will depend on hoe important traffic from their partners is to your site.

Pay-Per-Click Management

These days, most search engines and directories have a Pay For Performance (PFP) or Pay Per Click (PPC) element to them. These paid services are a way of promoting your site by paying for the extra exposure, rather than relying solely on your site's Search engine ranking as determined by the search engine compatibility of your site design.

The extra exposure can include having your site listed above the normal search listings under "sponsored matches" or "featured listings", or via specially designed text ads that display when your target keywords or phrases are searched on. If you don't have search engine compatible sites, or that don't have the time or budget to implement a traditional search engine optimization campaign to obtain high ranking, PPC options can be good solutions to increasing site traffic quickly. These options are also an excellent choice when used in combination with a search engine optimization campaign to achieve maximum exposure and larger traffic volumes.

SEO Maintenance & Reporting

To ensure up to date listings, we monitor your site ranking every month for 6 to 12 months and each month, where there is a significant drop in ranking or your URL has disappeared from the index, your site is resubmitted to the relevant search engine or directory. We do this very carefully, so as not to cause your site any ranking penalties from over submission. We will also "tweak" your META tags from time to time during the duration of the contract, to ensure your target search terms keep ranking well.

Depending on your chosen package, we supply monthly search engine ranking reports for you to track improvements for your site on main search engines and directories for chose search terms for 6 or 12 months. You will receive a report monthly for the term of your contact. Keep in mind that search engines an take anywhere between one and 12 weeks to list your site, so you may not notice improvements for a few weeks.

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